The first documented discovery of a Corvus Folio was recorded in 1700 in County Meath, Ireland. It was recovered from the most famous structure of the Neolithic ruins, a large passage tomb now known as the Newgrange monument which was itself unearthed only one year prior. The Folio instantly generated debate among antiquarians upon its discovery and has remained an archeological mystery over three centuries later.

Two additional versions of the Folio have since been found(in wildly different regions of the world) and rumors of several other versions in private collections still persist. Further rumors of curses, murders, and secret societies devoted to both acquiring and destroying the Folios have made it one of the most covert, and dangerous, points of discussion in the field.

An undocumented Folio has recently made its way into my hands. After authenticating it, as much as one can, I have been thrice approached by increasingly unsavory individuals demanding to know the Folio's whereabouts. That I have managed to keep it's location a secret may be the only reason I'm still alive.  

As such, I am inclined to put more credence in the seemingly sensationalized theories about the Folio. I have since gone into hiding and have started this website, through a series of intermediaries, in an attempt to decipher what the Folio might be and why it has drawn such unwanted attention. It should provide a temporary umbrella of anonymity for scholars, archeologists, art historians and even(perhaps especially) conspiracy theorists to divine the purpose of the Folio. 



Prints of the Folio

The Crimson Hexagram

The Silent Library

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