The Crimson Hexagram is a secret society that was created and organized as dangerous groups began to emerge based around the Corvus Folio. The Hexagram has been monitoring these cults for centuries, watching for dangerous activity and radical manifestations. There are four active sections of the Crimson Hexagram:

Crows(Black):  The oldest section of the Crimson Hexagram. They formed as some Hilikin families became more hostile in their mission to maintain the secrecy and sanctity of royal blood. Their dedication reached a fervor from which the Crowkeeper cult was born. Some among them believe that the preservation of the Hilkin bloodline is essential to the survival of the human race. Some members of the Hexagram believe them.

Harts(White):  Whisperings of the Mad Monk Ada first occurred in the infancy of the Common Era as various books, scrolls, and engravings began surfacing attributed to a wondering madman. Taken together these apocryphal texts form a lose belief system that culls from many religions and mythologies with origins across Africa, Asia, and Europe. A seventh century codex exists that claims to be a compilation of those earlier writings. Known as The Vindications, this text is the basis for Red Branch, which is the second major cult revolving around the Corvus Folio.

Foxes(Blue):  The Cult of Ada-Kil-Sin is dedicated to the legendary character from high Hilkin mythology(and also a key figure in the writings of the Mad Monk Ada) who was worshipped both as a god and as a defier of gods. She has roots in various historical figures and and her followers believe that she still lives among us and that she alone will lead humanity out of the darkness.

Asps(Green):  The most recent section of the Hexagram formed in response to the most radical and most dangerous cult derived from the folio: The Fourth Reading. Members of The Reading embrace some of the most extreme beliefs from the other cults and have taken on an apocalyptic philosophy bent on using the supposed powers of the Corvus Folio to change, and perhaps end, human existence as we understand it. 

New initiates to the Crimson Hexagram are accepted in groups of 27, and each group is recognized as single entity within the society which will be named and numbered upon its creation. Secret dispatches will sometimes be divided among all members of the group so cooperation and communication among members is essential for the group’s survival. 

When 27 new members have successfully applied the new section will be established and members will receive they're first mailing including a numbered membership card that will be used for special discoveries and mailings throughout the experience.

A new order of Crows is currently open. If you are interested in becoming an initiate visit The Smoking Crow and try the specials.