In Urlam of old the crows were born white and wingless. At the foot of The Tree they were tasked with visiting each of the Seven Hills. The first of the crows refused this task. They were called earthbound and became men. Many were born and many died as they stretched across the cold ground in search of better food and warmer winds. 

     Gradually they fulfilled their task and spread across the Seven Hills. The strongest among them became the Hillkings. Some of these kings fought hard at war, others fought hard at peace, but always there was struggle as they wandered the Seven Hills in search of sustenance and purpose. 

     Orev, one of the oldest Hillkings grew tired of fighting and went to The Tree to wait for the next born crow. After three days at the foot of The Tree the next crow arrived. Orev besought that crow to submit himself to the task of visiting the Seven Hills. But First Hill was leagues away and the crow scoffed at the man. "Why should I walk so far when it is easy to settle here along the rest of you?"  

     "I thought the same as you and wish now that I would have gone."

     So the crow walked for three days towards First Hill and grumbled with every step through brush and bramble where men would find nuts and berries. But when he reached the peak of First Hill a single wing sprouted from his back and he was renewed. The Hillking of First Hill held a grand banquet in One Wing's honor and sent him on his way towards Second Hill. 

     The crow struggled in his way to Second Hill. Burdened by the single wing, he walked a crooked gate as he travelled the forests that man would shape into homes and ships. The journey took four days this time and when One wing reached the peak of Second Hill he became Two Wings. 

     And then Two Wings flew. 

     Soon after, every crow made the journey from The Tree to the First Hill to the Second Hill and the skies filled white winged birds who sang with unearthly voices with the rise of each sun. But the nights were still cold and the men still struggled. 

     Orev returned to The Tree to get implore the next crow to go beyond Second Hill. He stayed by The Tree for many years and grew old and brittle before a new crow agreed to venture beyondSecond Hill. As all crows before, the journey to First Hill over brambles and brush took three days and the journey to Second Hill through great forests took four. 

     The crow was now Two Wings as was tempted to fly away when he saw the vast fields that stretched between Second and Third Hill, but he remembered his promise to Orev and endeavored to walk. The journey took five days and Two Wings became Three and the Hillkings learned to reap and sow.  

     But the crow was not content to stay Three Wings.  

     With those three wings he stumbled for five days through over jagged rocks. At Forth Hill man would fashion into tools and weapons.

     With four wings he waded for six days through streams and rivers and at Fifth Hill man would channel streams into great waterways.

      With five wings he walked for seven days through the swarms of locust and flies, repelling them with his unearthly song and at Sixth Hill man learned to bend nature to his will.

     From the peak of Hill Six Six Wings watched Lightening strike the plains around Hill Seven. Soon the hill was surrounded by fire the Hillkings bade him stay and feast until the flames subsided, but Six Wings was determined.  

     He struck out across the plains and disappeared into the sea of fire. By the third day the Hillkings began to morn the noble crow but some, Orev among them, believed that the crow would emerge from the fire and after nine days time he did.

    But he was changed. 

    The fire had scorched his wings and the smoke singed his voice. He ascended Seventh Hill a great black bird with seven swirling wings and a ragged croaking voice. His new song was like thunder, and it brought the rain. The fires around Seven Hill were doused and a great mist enshrouded the seven hills. But some men saw...

     They saw Seven Wings flying away in every direction. Blacking out the sky for the briefest of moments and leaving behind a final gift of fire. From that day on the crows were born black and winged and man began mastering all of the things that make him man. 


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